atelier_cg_scie_smallI work jewellry since 2008. I first studied visual arts, and then I fell in love with metals, soldering, and working with my hands. I am graduate from the Ecole de joaillerie de Montreal (EJM) collegial program.
I was a teacher at the Westmount visual art Center and I shared my knowledge of the basic jewellery techniques to different type of people who wanted to make this art their hobby. I have met very nice people.
After a couple of years showing my collections in Toronto, Quebec city, Ottawa and Montreal, I have decided to go back to school. I am now studying management at HEC-Montreal,  and I work part time as a project manager at the EJM. I love helping the students with their exhibitions, different projects and spreading the word that the school where I work is amazing!


I volonteer for a dynamic collective named Les joailliers du dimanche. We are a group of passionate jewellers. My goal is to wear jewellery, talk about it, make sure more and more poeple know that this form of art make our daily life more beautiful.